Evan Hecox and his Urban Abstract

Artist and illustrator Evan Hecox has garnered an esteemed following for his visually impressionable rendering of urban life from around the world. His work filters his subject with an acute focus expressed in stark shadow and light, no matter what time of day. The hot sun and diesel-tinged air pierces through urban landscapes from busy downtown streets in Los Angeles and Mexico City, and contrast with the lush coolness of tropical Ho Chi Minh City and morning walks in Tokyo.

The Colorado-born artist has an impressive career doing work for Chocolate Skateboards, providing a limited print series for the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs, and exhibiting in galleries in Denver, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sydney and Tokyo. Earlier this year, art magazine Arkitip partnered with retailer InCase to produce a series of MacBook sleeves and iPhone cases featuring some of Hecox’s work representing a different city: London, New York and Tokyo.

Hecox draws, paints, and illustrates his urban subjects, usually street scenes that are like snapshot vignettes of moments in time. His style borrows from documentary photography with an eye for composition, and echo Andy Warhol’s silkscreen works that sharply distill the subject in contrast and color. But unlike Warhol’s candy-jar palette, Hecox works in muted colors and cooler hues, and often peppers his canvas with a fiery blood red or sometimes a buff gold. His results shimmer and are appropriate for the scenes he paints, which look as if viewing the work through green-ash filtered sunglasses.

Hecox has recently had a retrospective (Evan Hecox –¬†Strange Nature) of his work at Galerie The Lazy Dog in Paris last winter, and last fall at Joshua Liner Gallery featuring a collection of new work focusing on Vietnam last fall called¬†The Last Thousand Years. We look forward to seeing more from him soon.

The images in the gallery featured is a sampling of some of his work:

Left to Right:

Evan Hecox, print designed for the Ace Hotel & Swim Club; Evan Hecox, print designed for the Ace Hotel & Swim Club; Evan Hecox, Ghosts of Winter, 2008; Evan Hecox, Rising from the Dirt, 2009, courtesy Country Club Projects; Evan Hecox, The Crossing, 2009, courtesy of Joshua Liner Gallery from the exhibition The Last Thousand Years; Evan Hecox, Tokyo, Akhihabara, 2009, courtesy Country Club Projects; Evan Hecox at work.

Watch a video shot by Felipe Lima documenting Evan Hecox at work for an image curated by Arkitip and produced by InCase. Music by Tommy Guerrero, and video shot in Denver, Colorado. Video courtesy of vimeo.com.

Evan Hecox from Arkitip, Inc. on Vimeo.

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