Jon McNaught: Adrift

Images: Jon McNaught, Adrift (panel detail), 2011; Jon McNaught, Birchfield Close (panel detail), 2010; Jon McNaught, Pebble Island, 2010.

British artist Jon McNaught presents a slight formality of his square-grid comics, but they’re softened with a quiet visual narrative and gentle color combinations with shadow and light. His work offers an intimate connection with the reader letting his stories unfold about place and time.

McNaught has published two accomplished works with Nobrow, a British publisher of art and illustration by young visual artists. Both books, Birchfield Close and Pebble Island, share a nostalgic glimpse at youth and childhood. His first book, Birchfield Close, evokes a summer evening just before dusk as two boys pass time watching the last light of day. In Pebble Island, McNaught recreates a quiet narrative of childhood memory growing up in the Falklands.

His latest comic work Adrift appears in the pages of the Summer 2011 issue of Art Review magazine, and can be viewed in its entirety here at his web site Although this is a shorter work, this story about individual passengers on a train ride at twilight evokes a richness pairing a relaxed pleasure trip at night – one that is nuanced between the landscape traveled and the partitioned internal world of his characters in public space.

For more news and details about McNaught’s work and his recent projects, South Africa’s Centre for Comic, Illustrative and Book Arts (cciba) published London journalist Paul Gravett’s interview with McNaught in this article Jon McNaught on printing comics: An interview with Paul Gravett (22 May 2011). Also, visit Jon McNaught’s official web site to see more from his portfolio and recent work:


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