Bracket Magazine

BRACKET magazine’s second issue has launched recently in crisp ash black and available to purchase as an e-magazine in PDF format. In Volume 2: Hunger, published a few months back in April 2011, this magazine from Singapore focuses on “16 visionaries who have pursued their hunger and changed the world.” Brooklyn-based designer and writer Jack Cheng introduces the artists, creatives and writers whose careers have formed the inspiration for inclusion in this publication including eBoy. Heydays, Jon Maeda, Kuntzel+Degas, Paul Belford, Seth Godin and others. The pages are filled not with examples or lengthy profiles of their work, but rather, responses that reveal a glimpse of their workday and insights into how hunger — and maybe passion — fuels their creative work.

BRACKET’s second issue balances a mix of content, personality and an uncluttered minimalism towards clean layout. It has a theatrical freshness like a polished design portfolio inviting readers to be entertained with food for thought. Hungry? Check out BRACKET magazine online at, and is available at select locations in Berlin, New York, and Singapore. Their inaugural issue is still available in both digital and print formats. Look for their next issue coming this August.

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