Monocle Mediterraneo 2012

Ben Quinton, The Shortest Coast: Road Trip to Slovenia

Monocle Magazine — Tyler Brulé’s publication known for small business profiles, essays on soft power, travel reportage, country and city economic surveys, and contemporary coolness in architecture, music and design — has launched Monocle Mediterraneo, the publication’s third summer newspaper edition. Editors in the news room have shed their jackets and have loosened up a bit in their favorite Breton shirts to produce another handsome issue of the Mediterraneo. This year’s 64-page large-format news magazine serves up travel articles, food, and architecture reportage intermixed with fine photography and editorial. Inside features include a look at how small businesses in Libya are contributing to that nation’s recovery following last year’s civil uprising and the fall of Col. al-Gaddafi, travel essays from Marseille and from a road trip around the Adriatic coastline, and a special report from Camp Darby in Tuscany where American soldiers unwind under the sun. Monocle Mediterraneo 2012 is now available both online at and at various bookstores and airport kiosks around the world.
Image courtesy Ben Quinton Photography ( – Commision: The Shortest Coast, A road trip along Slovenia’s coast for Monocle Mediterraneo – the shortest in Europe; Monocle Mediterraneo 2012,


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